Multiplay (LT) (UK) (RU) | PVP | Sleepers | Kit | Air/MassDrops *Oxide*

Multiplay (LT) (UK) (RU) | PVP | Sleepers | Kit | Air/MassDrops Oxide
New server, Wiped recently. No Weapon Durability.


4 Airdrops, (more by request)
Starting/Respawn basic kits + Command kits (Unlimited Basic)
Sleepers. No Weapon Durability.
Base/Buildings Removal (if needed, or by request)
All Anticheats (Also you can report to Admin if you see someone flying)
Generous Admins. That means that sometimes you can get Resources, just ask for it [Will not spawn military gear]
Everyone is Welcome. PVP with no rules. No Racism Please !
Admin can speak/read English, Russian, Lithuanian.
Good luck Playing on the best server :wink:

Bumpy. Update.
I have reduced Airdrops.
Added: No Weapon Durability.
Added: Various chat commands.
There will be open bases build in random locations, where some nice loot will spawn. I will announce in chat and popup messages

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PS… if your base was copletely destroyed and you feel sad :slight_smile: I will help you rebuild it.
Friend or no friend, kos player or pve player, everyone will be treated equally