Multiplay :: Nicest Guys. PvP/Sleeper/Wiped 2-14/No Abuse Admin/Vanilla

Are you a Nice Guy?

~No abuse Admin (Admin-Kotov does not actively raid on this server, only builds Community areas and buildings scattered around the map with goodies inside for the taking!)

~Coming soon, possible neutral player towns wild west style! Law down the law as a collective, or cause some mayhem and build a rep as a bandit!

~Coming soon, Admin shops! Buy and Trade Goods, Prey on people doing their shopping! Or Rob the Stores During or After hours!?!

~Adult oriented PVP, Sleepers, trash talk, being nice, or KOSing. Only rule no hacking!

~Vanilla server, 10 population limit for Airdrops (Can be adjusted to suit regular server player base)

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~~Looking for “The” raid target? Come to Secret Valley and raid the “Admin Tower”
for some sweet loot!

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~~Not a Fan of Religion? Come cause trouble at “The Church” Or visit the “Popes Podium” and preach to the masses. Be careful though. These wacko fanatics are packin heat!!

~~How about a 1v1 battle in the “Bear Pit”

~~Noob battles?

That tower looks weak…

Next Weekend’s Event.

The Naked Man March. Where Kotov will be running around naked stocked Full of Loot!

And to finish the March of right, Kotov on his final Lap around the road, will have two pristine items. Explosive material and a research kit so you can learn it extra quick!

Hope you make it home ok!!!

The UnRaidable Base!