Multiplay :: Rust Haven Active Admins : No Abuse : Airdrop/PvP/Eco (and more mods!) 100 slots.

Server IP is, and the name of our server is Multiplay :: Rust Haven Active Admins : No Abuse : Airdrop/PvP/Eco Requesting active players and members to join Skill Town! (Staff positions currently closed) (ST_Achaius is server owner, and server manager)

About us : Our group is called Skill Town, a recently formed team of Rust players, that play just for fun, and love playing FPS and other games! (Currently recruiting members.) Spacemarine and Brandon, (Owner and one of the co-owners) have known each other for 11 years.

Owner : ST_Spacemarine

Co-Owners : ST_Brandon, ST_Achaius, ST_John_Muffmuncher, ST_Rusty3allz.

Currently installed mods : TP, kits, remove, home, economy, instacraft, increased droprate in weapons crates, airdrops.

Rules : No rules, Rust is after all a wasteland survival game, and we want to avoid as much admin interference as possible, to ensure that 100% authentic wasteland survival experience. GRIEFING IS ALLOWED! However, hacking/cheating is STRICTLY forbidden. When a User is thought to be hacking or cheating, he/she shall be spectated by one of our staff, and shall be dealt with SWIFTLY should the staff member find evidence. Spam is strictly forbidden.

Bans: We use a strike/warning system. (3 warnings and a kick, 3 strikes and a ban.) We do however, take appeals. Post ban appeals on the group community page on Steam.

Help: Type /help for a list of commands, and as always, if an admin is on ask for help! That’s what we are there for! (Don’t ask for gear!)



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We will be gifting 2000 Wood to the first 15 new Members on the server!



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Sleepers/Nighttime/Instantcraft@Night Also

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