Multiplay :: Rusters Gone Wild (No wipes, no lag!)

Multiplay :: Rusters Gone Wild is now looking for new players!


Active Non-player Admin

This server holds a maximum of 50 players, so the map doesn’t get too cluttered with structures. This means the admin never has to wipe, you’ll never lose your progress, and the lag stays away.

We are looking for active groups to join, so bring your friends! Current players are friendly and ready to help. We even have a community tower set up in French Valley, with locked rooms for new players to use while getting started! We’ve had a few players leave the server, so the resource fields are full and ready to be gathered.

For more information, add PharmacyLove on steam and start a chat!

We’ve had a few new players, but we’re still looking for more. Check us out!

Where is the server hosted?

It is a US server.

And also, foundations are working on this server! So no need to hole up in a shack while we wait for a fix.