Multiplay :: -Seattle- [Noob Friendly] Ye Olde Pube

Hello Rust players,

A newly made Rust server now exists! It is currently based in Seattle so most of US West players should have a pretty satisfactory ping. We are a server with active players and an active admin, but we are looking for more population to spice things up and a relaxed community, as hopefully implied by the server name. Most players are noob friendly and commonly known as nice people to strangers, rather than bandits with a KOS initiative. However, as usual in most Rust servers, airdrops and rad towns are normally against that trait.

Server info:
Name: Multiplay :: -Seattle- [Noob Friendly] Ye Olde Pube
Admin(s): GrimReapaa

Created: 2/21/2014
Sleepers: Yes
PvP: Yes
Mods: None
Min. players for airdrops: 5 (or whenever owner decides there should be one)
Wipes: None as of yet.

Come claim the new territory today and make yourself known here in a relaxed server!


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