Multiplay :: Seattle | PvP | Sleep |NEW Fresh Server!

Hey Rusters!

New server that has only been up for a couple of hours! Definitely looking for an awesome group of people to populate this amazing server!

Multiplay :: Seattle | PvP | Sleep | NEW

net.connect *new IP
(Pro Skills Required ----> Do not click “play game” at the main menu. Press F1 and type the net.connect command in the console!)

  • PvP on
  • Sleepers on
  • 1/2 crafting
  • 50 player MAX (Will not be increasing so save your slot!)
  • Min ONE player for airdrops (Why should YOU be punished for being the only one online?)
  • Non-abusive admins
  • Low latency for NA, Seattle Based Server!

We will be having random events like treasure hunts etc. I’d love to hear other suggestions on fun activities and I’ll try and incorporate them as much as I can to make this server amazingly fun!

Looking forward to bashing y’all with Rocks soon!

See you online!

I am brand new to rust and have hated the big servers where everyone is pimped out…

This server is awesome! Starting freshly nekkid with everyone is hella fun! People are friendly and me and my 2 buds are loving it.

Glad to have you Eb. Server is up and running great.

May toss out some Supply Grenades to new people today as it’s New Years Eve!!!

All are welcome

The New Years Eve extravaganza has begun!

Enjoy the Treasure Hunting!

Thanks to everyone for participating last evening. That was a blast!

Unfortunately 2 of the Treasures weren’t found… and 1 of them was the “Big” prize!

So I will be leaving them in tact all day for new players who want to get in on the action.

New Treasure Hunt is up and Running… Low pop currently so less competition!

New Server IP

wanted a better connection for Seattle based people!

Community is growing and is a lot of fun. There are plenty of PvE “Friendly” people with a few PvP bandits which makes for a very fun server.

Average pop is around 8-15 people so we could definitely use some more.

Love to see you there!

Cant connect! Was fine yesterday. Been playing via the history tab, but it no longer showed up. Tried the console command connect and it failed to connect.

Its back up now