Multiplay Servers - constant reboots?


Our server hosted by Multiplay is getting server reboot messages every 10 minutes or there abouts, and rebooting. The graphs are showing large memory/CPU usage. Yes, I’ve logged a ticket but not holding out much hope.

Just curious if anyone else is having problems with multiplau or any other GSP?

sounds like u were getting ddossed i was m8 to the point ive shut my server down for a bit

yep, had the same… but bigger issue is still there - after reboot doors wont work, lock status dont change visually unless you hit door with hatchet and that works only sometimes after latest update tonite.
And minor things:
on client side no effect by F2-settings (motion blur, sunray etc all enabled even when hit off)
on server side: still missing texture on floor triangle lvl1

bug report in

I’m getting this too!

It turned out to be a world issue for me, I started a fresh world and my servers been fine since

I’m also having this issue. Multiplay told me I’m getting DDOSed and that Facepunch needs to patch the issue. I also experienced the (very specific) client symptoms that LordTimppa noted.

I tried resetting the world and it cleared up but the ram and CPU slowly climbed until I was back to square 1.

Multiplay rep:

I’ve been getting updates from other customers and keeping up with the official forums, this looks to be a server specific DoS attack where connection requests are spammed to your server;

This causes your server to be unable to accept any further connection requests and due to the nature of the attack forces the server to utilize more resources than usual.

This is a new type of attack which is super easy to execute, the only fix is to move your server to a different port, however if your attacker is adamant they will find your server again and continue to spam, unfortunately there’s not much we can do regarding this due to the thousands of connection requests from thousands of ip’s it is hard to discern what is legitimate traffic and just blocking all traffic puts us back at step one.
If you’d like we can move you to another port to see if you can then connect?
As I mentioned however, due to the simple this is to execute this is only a short term solution till a patch is pushed out, from what I recall there was a similar issue like this in Rust Legacy a while back.