Multiplay :: SurvivalFella - TP On - Sleepers OFF - Fresh 8/02 - Active Admins

Hi, I’m an admin over at Survival Fella, we’re a relatively new group of friends that are looking for people to further enjoy our rust experience with.

Some basic server info;
Max people: 50 (we wanted an intimate experience)
Server Location: London
Auto-restart: 2 Days

The list of mods we’re currently running is;
-Base Alarm (1.2)
-Death Messages (0.7)
-GrassOff (1.0)
-Players List (v1.2)
-Remover Tool (1.5.6)
-ShowDamage (1.0a)
-Stats (1.2)
-Teleportation Requests (0.3.2)

We are basically running a default rust system, we just wanted the option to meet up our friends, and not take too much away from the game itself, as we prefer the survival (Kill 'em all) mentality.

If you would like to come along and have a good time, don’t hesitate.

Hope to be “stealin’ yer loot” :slight_smile: