Multiplay :: [The 33rd] - New Player Friendly - PvP - Active Admin - Wiped 16/2

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Hello everyone, we just wanted to advertise ourselves a bit, we are running a server which is both very friendly and some light pvp here and there, mostly during airdrops.

Some info on the server: We are running oxide mod along with a few addons such as door sharing, removal tool for missplaced items, death handler, kit starter (cloth pants, stone axe, 10 cooked chickens), chat history, where, NO DURABILITY !! and more convenient to use commands. Server also has a modified loot table, example charges can only be obtained from air drops and silver chest, but the odds of getting one from a chest has been greatly reduced.

Airdrops on the server are currently set to 8 players online requirement and at 20 there is double drop (these values will change with server popularity)

We currently have around 10 regulars and average 10+ online at reasonable hours.

About The 33rd we are a clan build of real life friends, with the exception of 1. On the server we are friendly unless someone shoots first. We are reasonable and don’t use admin power for anything other then making the server better no personal benefits in-game.

To enter the server go to console (F1) and type this : Server IP: net.connect

Wooden Arena:
Here we play “Hunt the Admin” where admin is in almost full invisible gear and 6-12 players try to take him down with P250 - Sniper, the admin is equipped with only P250.
Cloth Bow Fight, as the name suggest we are dressed in cloth and only use bow.

Rewards are given to winners here.

PvP Village: This is a rather large village (20x17 Size), here we can play death-match or team death-match. (here you bring your own gear, winner takes all)

Maze: Simple concept, the maze is 19x18 in Size, 2 floors. First floor the objective is to find the stairs, second floor there are 4 large wood boxes hidden in each a reward is hiding, first come first serve. No guns or weapons allowed here (Inventory wiped before maze starts) The pic is only the first floor.

Hunger games: Players will spawn in a locked house naked with a single box inside in the box there are 2x C4, Bow, Arrows, 1x Grenade (Optional, not in every event). Players need to use the c4, to blow the metal door. Once outside players can choose to run to the middle and try for some loot or take up a bow and shoot those that try for the loot. Admin will be standing on a floating platform in the middle and occasionally throw down some loot(Ammo, health kits, guns).
Last man standing wins.


We have started doing Minigames / Events



Durability has been removed from the server