Multiplay :: The Last Day TLD 8/24|6HrRestarts|AirDrops20+|NoDura|Oxide|ActiveAdmi ns|TS3

You know that perceiving feeling when you’re playing an official server which has all the exalted characterists that make you want to progress in it up till a hacker comes and derogates everything you’ve done? Let’s be honest, it has grievously supervened to the populance of the Rust community at a large scale. Bow your head to those unforseen events no more because The Last Day (TLD) is here!

This is the premier of our new Rust modded community server created by prodigious ameteurs such as yourselves. Subsequently we know what we enjoy in Rust, thereupon we can transcribe the fun intuitions for them to be enjoyed altogether upon our server to our player’s expectations. We start by first and foremostly having active administrators in-game or on our joyous Teamspeak 3 server which we honorarily give access to all our players and guests. We are dedicated to providing excellent assistance to our players when required. As stated before we thrive to be Vanilla-like (Official servers) with minor additions added to our belief in hopes to create a fun experience for all our players. This means we won’t unfairly spawn items to ourselves or to others to give anybody an advantage. We want our players to work for their resources and power the way Rust survival is meant to be. We promise our players that what makes our community stand out is that our admin powers are limited to only stopping hackers. Griefers? Possible exceptions will be made to those fun wrecking griefers with no respect, but mainly we let everyone be free. If you can do something in the game such as blow a rival player base’s wall and replace it with a door of your own then so be it, we won’t intervene.

With that said we would like to present the current features which unregrettably are subject to change without any hassle to you (Yes, that means no wipes!)…

**130 slots
Oxide mod
No Durability
6 Hour interval server restarts to guarantee the best server performance
Default decay rate
Multiplay premium server hosting
Air drops 20+ players
Active Admins
Teamspeak 3
No wipes (as of now we don’t plan to anyways)
Online players list
World began 8/24
More features to be announced later!
So what are you waiting for? 8/24 is when we went active! Launch your Rust client and join our server by pressing F1 on the main menu and typing:

net.connect - Add us to your favorites by clicking the star on the left of the server name!

Teamspeak 3 info

View our rules in-game by typing /rules and for more /help.

Come build a base with your friends and make a name for your group or clan. The options are limitless at The Last Day TLD! We will also create a channel for your friends to play with. Simply speak to one of our Server Admins and ask them for one. As of now there are currently a few admins and we look forward to gathering more as time progresses by promoting loyal, active and helpful players carefully picked in the future. Currently we are debating whether to add an economic system which you can acquire money from kills and such, so tell us what you think! Also feel free to ask any questions!

How do you stop sleeping bag glitchers?

What do you mean sleeping bag glitchers? I don’t follow.