: Multiplay :: The Whiskey Pub|Active Admins|Oxide|FreshWipe 5/7|

**The Whiskey Pup is an Oxide Server, that was just wiped today.

Member Count maxes out at 80 members, we usually have around 25 online at all times, and are looking to increase that number.

We have active admins, and a TS3 if you need to find one of us.**

Net Connect:

Admins are: Blackburn and StickyTubeSock

Rules / Regulations:

  1. If you get griefed and someone messes up your base, we will fix it. We will only destroy parts, we will not replace. The hole they blow out will be up to you to replace.

Comming Soon: (If you have a suggestion add it here)

  1. Leaderboards

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Rules and Regs are updated

Great server. Low population at the moment but growing. Just wiped less than 12 hours ago.