Multiplay :: TP|Econ|InstCraft|NoDura/Decay|Remove|Share

Hello FP members, I’ve started up a new Rust server today which is on a fresh map. Anyone thats looking for a new server to call home should come check the server out.


  • Instant crafting
  • Airdrops at 4+ players.
  • TP
  • Economy
  • Starter kit
  • No Durability/Decay
  • Remove
  • Door Share

I’m also going to be looking for some Mods / Admins for the server as I am currently the only one. If I see you active in-game and seem fit for the position I will contact you.

Server is starting to get some regular players, hope more people are willing to come give it a try. Hope to see you guys on there !

Bump come check out the server, always 5+ people on.