Multiplay :: UK | 26/5 start | No dura | instacraft | starter| PVP

Hey all, just set up a new server located in London, UK.
IP: net.connect

I hope to eventually have a good community on this server and i need your help with that, so if you’re looking for a fresh, SLIGHTLY modified (halfcraft/No Durability/Starter) server, then this is the place for you.

We will have active admins, who play legit like other players and will never abuse their powers, only using them for hackers/cheaters/trolls etc.
There will be no wipe unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, such as an update forcing a wipe.
Airdrops are on at 15+ players, PVP is on, as are sleepers.

Feel free to drop by! I’ll be on around 4pm GMT every day unless i’m off work, other admins are SharkBait and daylealladice, if i’m not on and they are then feel free to report any problems/ask questions.

Thanks :slight_smile: