Multiplay :: (UK) DEADRUST Oxide/Sleepers/pvp/kits,airdrops/admins/antihack Wiped 25/02/14

Hi there, welcome to a new server, with little population at the moment, but big plans

the server is fully oxided, with multiple add ons including door sharing, kits, groups etc etc

if Ican get the server populated enough, airdrops are every at 10+ at the moment and once 50+ players have joined myself and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez will be holding events as listed below

Tower Assault

In this event there will be 2 tower guardians in a huge tower built for the event, the server must band together to assault the tower and reach the top, once the tower is conquered all involved will get a prize given directly via admins (this will take some time to do but the effort is worth the rewards), this will also be a way for us to see that the community is growing well together.

Hidden Base Hunt

A base will be built somewhere remote that must be found by people on the server, the base will contain boxes left behind by military personnel (I’ll let your mind fly with this one the loot could be many things)
the object of this game is simple, find the base, build a door and place it (A furnace and the metal ore to make a door are provided you have to survive while it smelts), an admin will be present at the base to keep watch, PVP is promoted during this game as whoever is in the base at the end will take the spoils of war (Explosives may not be used during this event, also bringing a door will mean instant disqualification from the event)

Next War

In this event its simple, 2 sides will meet on next valley at 2 bases built by the admins on each side, the sides will prepare and organise with the admin who is there, once both sids are ready, the 2 sides will be at war with each other for half an hour, the primary objective will be to infiltrate the other base and destroy the 5 large storage within, first base to lose all 5 is the loser, use of C4 is a nessecity for this event, if no-one has any 5 will be provided to each base at the time of the war (large storage chests must not be replaced)

Admin hunt

Simple and straightforward, you must hunt the admins for half an hour, each kill gains a reward.

Treasure Hunt

Wooden shacks around the map, filled with loot simple, but some are harder to find than other, maybe that means better loot? :slight_smile:

Server Owner - Coyote Starrk

Admins - Grimmjow Jagaerjaquez

If you like what you read, i’ll see you there, and lets get this party started :wink:

Also any questions add me on steam or ask here :slight_smile:


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))

Yeah and we’ll actually take care of the server and make sure everything is alright like no hackers/trolling going on unlike most.

Plus as admins we don’t use the console for gain just to keep the server right, like right now I’m doing trips on getting supplies to make a little house for myself until I can make anything bigger, I’ve seen other servers where admins just use the console for materials and build huge bases well I think that just takes the fun out of the game. XD

Come join us and build, I’m friendly if you are. :slight_smile: