Multiplay :: [UK]MrMan :: HungerGames + Teamspeak

Welcome to Multiplay :: [UK]MrMan :: HungerGames!
Gather your resources, kill animals, make a camp fire, start cooking and build your impenetrable stronghold! That is what RUST is all about.
PVP fun times, new player friendly with starter kit, Sleepers enabled, Hunger Game event and win prizes!
This server wipes monthly. This should give you plenty of time to explore the area, build your base, expand it and start hunting for more resources and weaponries by raiding the enemy bases.
The number of player slots will be increased if needed

Active Admins, Mods & CheatPunch

Freshly started on 06/06/2014
• Hunger Game: We often host Individual/Team HungerGames events in 4 different arenas! The winner receives grand prizes!
• No Durability: Items do not wear out when used.
• No Decay: Structures do not decay when built so there’s no need to constantly replace walls etc.
• Instacraft: Finish crafting objects immediately
• TP: Teleport player to player.
• No fall damage
• Starter Kit: You get basic items such as hatchet, bow, arrows, sleeping bag and more!
• Remove Tool: Ability to remove an object that’s been (mis)placed by you
• Base Alarm: Notify you when your base is being raided
• Door Share: Easy way to share your doors access with your friends
• Groups: Create a group so that people in the group won’t be able to hurt each other. Great for big clans!
• Remote Nick Viewer: Look at someone’s name when their nametag doesn’t render when they’re too far away
• Anti-Cheat: Cheaters are not welcome here! Auto-kick and ban hackers!
• Voter’s Reward: Get rewards for voting for our server at !
More details on how to use the add-ons can be found by typing “/help” in the in-game chat.

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Thanks for visiting, we do hope to see you on our server!