(Multiplay) UK:Oxide:Kit:PvP:1/2Craft:Airdrops:CheatPunch:LimitedSleep:1/2Degradation

Our server is just about 2 weeks old and we average about 5-9 people
-We have Starter Kits that can be redeemed 5 times, then you cannot redeem them after that (they are redeemed automatically when you spawn)
Mod: Oxide 1.17
-iAmTheRedOne (owner)

LimitedSleep means that your sleeper is there for a minute after disconnecting, this is to prevent people from combat logging or ‘clogging’ as it as known. So try and combat log but you will only get: :suicide:
There are regular airdrops and active admins/mods
The 1/2 Degradation means that the rate of which tools and guns degrade is halved, so they don’t degrade as quickly, also building degradation is either turned off or halved as well.
We know also have a translator, so if someone is speaking in Russian and you don’t understand, you can type in chat and it will translate it to your language.

To join:
-Press ‘F1’ and copy ‘net.connect’ into your console, then press ‘Enter’
-Connect and play!
After you disconnect for the first time, it will show up underneath your ‘History’ tab.

We look forward to seeing you there! :v: