Multiplay :: [UK,RU,EU] Mush`s Friendly Fresh Server, No item durability

Hello fellow rust player reading this post, do you want a hacker free server, active admins, and to get rid of item durability the last thing you should have to worry about is your items breaking and having to throw them into the sea.
The server is a brand new server hosted by Multiplay. Anyone is welcome to the server if you can at least speak some English so people can understand what you are talking about.

Anyone is welcome to the server and will be treated with respect and honor for joining the New server and helping The Mush Army :wink:

To connect to the server

To access our server easily and quickly follow these simple steps to join and become a Mush Solider
Press F1 in the upper left keyboard area, If you know what i mean lads :wink:
This should open up a command console.
Type in net.connect

There you go my friends you should be in, quick and simple.

Features: Any Plugin asked for will be added as soon as i can guys so, welcome to ideas and request

Coming soon- Arena and battle grounds

So many people have joined the server it unreal