Multiplay UK - Share Doors-Mass Airdrops-Quests-PVP-Sleepers-Start Kits-Instant Crafting-Oxide & More!

Players needed!

Server features:

  • Freshly wiped
  • Fun & friendly community
  • Oxide 1.8.2 installed (Door Sharing enabled + other cool features!)
  • UK based Multiplay premium server with German, Norwegian, Dutch and English players so far
  • 50 Player limit with a view to increase if need be
  • Quests mod added
  • 2 Active admins who aren’t allowed to abuse their rights.
  • PVP enabled
  • Sleepers enabled
  • Mass-Airdrops from 2 players
  • Welcome packs for new players (type /kit when you arrive)
  • Instant Crafting
  • Bounty Mod - You can now put a price on your enemy’s head!
  • One rule: No cheating
  • Have a good time!

NEW We now have an Arena where players can fight (fairly & with supervision/spectators) against one another for entertainment!

You can find us in your browser:

Multiplay UK - Arena Battles|ShareDoors|Mass Airdrops|Quests|PVP|Sleepers|InstantCrafting|Oxide & More!

OR hit F1 in-game, and type:


Hope to see you there and type /help when you arrive for info on the mods above :slight_smile:

bump :smiley:

**Arena Battles TONIGHT! 9pm GMT onwards. Winner stays on, prizes include guns, ammo and resources!

Lots of fun to be had so come along and join in!**

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Arena battles are now underway! Prizes for each winner

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Some of tonight’s action:

Tonight’s biggest winners:

havoc2992 - Won an M4
CapitanCereal - Won an M4 and 5 Medikits

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New mods added to enhance your experience!

Type /help when you arrive for info.

Server’s getting a decent following now, but more are always welcome noob or pr0 :wink:

New server plugin added:

Groups - allows you to create clans and use private chat between other group members.

Come and join! :slight_smile:

Be careful with the group mod at the moment. We were running it, but there’s a bug in it now and it spams your error logs heavily and will randomly cause crazy lag.