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hi all

we have a 50 man server.with active admins day and night.

we have a open TeamSpeak

If you are interested in joining please Sign up on the website.

Server Info/ Settings / Rules

AIRDROPS - ON ( 10 player minimum )
EVENTS - YES Weekly Airdrop events
Noob Friendly - always happy to help out
Hackers/Cheaters - 0% tolerance
No Admin Abuse
Clan Friendly - happy for any clan to make the server there home

Have Fun

Server IP

UKG website

Steam Group

I don’t recommend this server at all.

I played on the server with a friend for 2-3 days, all was well I built a tiny base had myself quite a handful of supplies 1000+ wood planks, 100+ Large med kits, 2k+ Metal Fragments, I built next to a few players who were absolutely fine with me in there area.

In the 2-3 days we would only see the same names on the server and at the end my friend and I soon realised they’re a small community of friends at most 6-10 people playing on the server, all use the same Teamspeak.

The abuse come clear once we (unknowingly to us) attempted to raid someone on the server who was friends with the admin, 15 seconds after entering his house (Someone told them we was raiding him, he immediately asks an admin to TP him, why ask to be TP’d if you’re close by? All of a sudden we have 4-6 players outside stopping us from doing anything whilst they brag about how stupid and nooby we are for attempting to raid this player.)

So I retaliate and ask the Admin why would you TP someone because they’re getting raided? (Oh yeah, the admin was defending his house with him) at this point he is still calling me stupid and an noob and claiming he never, but still why would you ask to be TP’d if you’re already close by? Lols.

Now, I’m not claiming to be the innocent party here, after there bragging of stopping our raid I retaliate and start throwing insults into the situation, I mean this isn’t fair game at all, I don’t care that I got caught raiding, don’t care that I got killed raiding someones house. What bothers me the most is that they’re openly abusing powers because they’re friends with this guy.

20-30 mins go by, I have decided I want to leave the server and start fresh, I head back to my house to drop all my loot so no one benefits from raiding me, I get to my storage boxes and all of a sudden a player appears behind me and kills me, (I have 3 metal doors in both direction to my storage supplies, I heard no C4, no footsteps, no doors opening.) the player that killed me was just someone in their teamspeak who got caught up in the whole situation and just wanted in on the action, I get back to my house (had to run back) and to my surprise, all doors are in place, nothing is out of the ordinary. The guy is still in my storage area, this time he doesnt kill me but all my boxes have been destroyed. Thousands of loot gone for ATTEMPTING to raid a friend of the Admin? (I know I said I was going to drop it and leave, but what if that wasn’t my intention? I still would have lost my loot regardless.) I had too much loot for this guy to carry anyway.

Also there was talk of 4 players who tried to kill/raid the admins bases and they left straight after for ‘unknown’ reasons.

Hi there, not sure if you have the correct server or not because we have around 30 players usually on server, there are no more than 5 players with same name and many people using our team speak channel who are separate from us who like to come on and speak with us.

If this is the same server you are on about and you just have a few of them details muddled up then I’m just wondering whom exactly it was that has been typing people to other players they are raiding, I have been away from the game for the last few days due to work and catching up on other games and tv and would like to get to the bottom of this. When did all this stuff actually happen?

The last part where you said about a player appearing behind you from no where does not suggest an admin however, we have had issues with players doing his before in two separate occasions, the first where someone killed 4 players and got away with 4 full players worth of loot somehow and another one where a player got into the top of a tower without breaking any doors and shooting the player from his own tower.

I think I know what you are talking about with them 4 players raiding admin bases as I heard about this yesterday and they have not been banned from the server, infect they have been on since so there is no unknown reason behind it, they simply went off the game for the night and returned the next day.

I have the correct server, UKG ARCH3R was involved in this, there was also two other admins online who claimed to not have a clue ‘what happened’ or how that guy got inside my base, but they did NOTHING about it.

How can you even reply to my post telling me I have my details muddled up when you haven’t been on the server for a ‘few’ days, this server has abusive admins who teleport players to them to stop a friends building being raided and if you don’t agree with that abuse you get them teleporting a player to you in your house to kill you and destroy your belongings.

The talk about the 4 players wasn’t them leaving for the night, they left for another server. This is what I have read.

Thanks for the names - I’ll look into it, the muddled up details about teamspeak and about 10 players online I asked about, just because I’ve not been on the server does not mean I check up on it to make sure its still working, if it breaks then I need to restart so I always have the website open in case and it shows me server players and things.

Ok well if that’s the case, I apologise for my approach to your reply, if you need any more information on the matter Private Message me if the forums have the option.

Thank you for your replies and concern.

Edit: Also the 5 same names, I meant that in regard to it was always the same 10 players online at a time, they all seem to be in on what was happening to my friend and I so I can only assume this server is just a small community who communicate via Teamspeak. There is no problem at all with this but if these are your dedicated players, if one gets raided then the person who raids them get punished for it, that was all I was trying to put across.