Multiplay :[US]GA: RUST |NubFriendly|Kits|Airdrop|Sleep|50%Craft|

Multiplay :[US]GA: RUST |NubFriendly|Kits|Airdrop|Sleep|50%Craft|

You tired of admin abuse or hackers? looking for a place to call home because of the wipe rate on some other servers?
Well look no further you have found the server that’s right for you! We have active admins and a friendly community that wont KoS Nubs.

Server Name: **Multiplay :[US]GA: RUST |NubFriendly|Kits|Airdrop|Sleep|50%Craft| **

Server IP:
Server Port: 28315
Slots: 50
Online since: 10 February 2014
Wiped on: 22 February 2014

How do you join exactly? Type Press " F1 " Type net.connect or steam://connect/

This is the list of available mods we have in our server.

Location and Map Auto tracking: Wanna know where you are on the map? Type /location in game to find out.
Admin help:Need to talk to an admin in private? Well just in game pm them.
Base Alarm:Is someone breaking into your base and don’t know who it is? Not anymore you will be noticed when your base is under attack.
Chat History:Did you not see what someone typed? Just scroll up and see the chat history it storage up to 20 lines of text.
Kits! New to the server and need a leg up? All you have to do is type /kit starter in game and bam you got some goodies!
Nude Censor:Tried of seeing nothing but penis running around? Type /censor to disable and to enable nudity.
Airdrops:Need supply for you house or gear? Their is an airdrop at 10 players!
Half Craft:You bored of waiting the whole time to craft something? Well you cut the craft time in half for you!
List Players: Would you like to know what players connect and disconnect? Just watch the chat and it’ll tell you or if you miss it type /list in game chat.