Hey guys another new post haha


Starter kits
Door share
How many players online


No admin abuse

See you lads soon:)


lets keep populating:)))

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server down for update. will inform when back up

Really good server, Would recommend.

Admins are kind, and Share doors!

The starter kit really helped me and my friend going.

Nice people.

Thanks Jack I’m glad you’re enjoying the server:)))

Well done guys server is buzzing keep coming lads brilliant atmosphere!!!

Visited there today and already doing well establishing myself. It’s a friendly server mostly with very little lag. The instacraft is still broken though but I know ^6skip is working to fix it. I also had 2 of my friends come over and join the server.

Thanks buddy I’m glad that you enjoyed the server.

Brilliant amount of players overnight

Lets keep this community growing keep coming guys:)))))

Instacraft is now fixed lads all working thanks for you’re support

Really great server with friendly and helpful admins. Couldn’t be happier on any other server than this.

Thanks for the reply Raging!!
Pleased that you liked the server hope to see you soon!!

brilliant server everyone should come and play loved every minute of it brilliant community and admins:)))

thanks lad really glad you are enjoying it:)))))))))))))))))))

Nice one guys 17 players online lets keep going !!!

Started playing yesterday on this server, and so far I’m really pleased with it!
I’m not lagging at all, the community is helpful and friendly.

Instacraft, airdrops, sleeper, sharing, all works fine!
Give it a try!
See y’all in the game!