Come and join the fun!


Starter kits
Door share
How many players online
use /kit starter when you get in so you can survive the 1st night

There’s plenty of space to build! :wink:


No admin abuse

See you lads soon :slight_smile:

Amazing server, helpful admins, and brilliant players

I play here too! We should group up, its a fun server.
Lots to do, great community, the admins are nice.
i recommend this server. :]

brilliant server

One of the best servers I’ve played on in rust

everyone should come

brilliant helpful admins and community

Glad you like it! Would be cool if you’d bring more folk here!

bump come on lads build the community

Server being updated to the latest patch. Should be up soon!

Now we got passcodes on our doors!! You can set a password on each individual door!
You can also craft beds now, but you have to make it inside a house (wood/metal) with a roof above it.
There’s also music added to the game, and they changed the grass and the walking sounds.

See ya in game! :slight_smile:

Edit: Server’s back up! Time to join

Server back up with update population growing lets make it faster come on lads!!!

awesome server no admin abuse and awesome players

Great server, Enjoying every minute! :smiley:

This is a great server with friendly admins. It really deserves more people playing on it.

brilliant server keep coming lads

Server closed, we upgraded to another hoster, new server is up with adress:


Thread of the new server here

With instacraft, tpa, private messaging, list of players names online, and we might add economy in the close future if the community wants it. Also I will be hosting a lot of server events for the players online!