]Multiplay [US/UK] Rust4life.enjin.com/forum | PVP | SLEEPER | WIPED 5/01/14* COMMUNITY VOTE! FORUM! MATURE PLAYERS!

Hi All,
welcome to my server advertisement for rust a brilliant and great survival game.

I have decided to give in and buy a rust server because of all of the abuse on the servers that I have been playing on which I’m sure is a problem for some of you too.
So I have bought a 50 slot server

JUST WIPED 01/05/14

Enough chatting and to the server details

Server Settings



Server Details

Server Name:Multiplay [US/UK] Rust4life.enjin.com/forum | PVP | SLEEPER | WIPED 5/01/14*

Connection Through Console: net.connect



I will be adding mods to the server but at request.

I have two mods that will be added as soon as tested by the server provider (Should be this week or next)
The mods I plan to add are oxide and Rust++
If any other mods want adding to the server feel free to contact me through post


My server is meant to be fun so

Griefing is not allowed

Hacking such as noclip and speedhack are not accepted and will all be reported and banned

If hacking is found or griefing please post a video on the forums at http://rust4life.enjin.com/


          **if I have missed anything out please feel free to post below**

                                    **HOPE TO SEE YOU RUSTING SOON:)))**

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server restarted

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If you need to speak to me

contact me through steam:^6SKIP

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four" - postal))

Server has had a few people on over the last couple of hours

Had a good night

Multiplay has just allowed all servers to have oxide mod will be added now.