Multiplay :: [USEast]Mancave Gaming-Sleeper/PVP/NO-reset/Oxide


We are an established group of friends with experience in hosting servers across all games. Launch has really caught our attention and we have decided to launch a 50 slot server for it with possible consideration for more slots! We also have a professionally hosted dedicated server in an Atlanta data center waiting for the public release of the server files so that we can host the high performance server in the game.

Admins are very active in this server and we actively monitor individuals for hacking. The server also auto-restarts itself daily to keep performance at a maximum and to keep the game stable.


Sleepers are enabled - So hide or protect yourself when you leave!
PVP is enabled - It is a dog eat dog world!
Air Drops begin with 10 players.

We do not reset the server unless it is absolute required!

It runs Oxide with multiple plugins.
-Death Messages
-Door Sharing (/share player name)
-Kits (/kit starter or hatchet)
-Player Lists (/list)
-Modified Loot Tables to make the end game more difficult to achieve.
-Private Messaging (/pm player message)

If you have any issues on the server you may contact myself personally via Steam, which is posted on my profile or in this thread.