Multiplay ::[USWEST]FRESH WIPE 3/7 @ 6PM | 24/7ADMINSUPPORT | Vanilla | 30+Airdrop

Today we will be wiping our server located in San Jose, California for the second time to keep things fresh. The rules will stay the same as vanilla with no loot tables touched and absolutely no mods. We are a group of 5 active admins and have established a great core of players on our server. We have hit the mid 50s in active players and wish to grow upon this. We encourage you to bring your friends/clans/family members along also. We are also still offering free mumble channels to groups of players or clans, just ask for one when you log in and we will take care of it. The server will have airdrops at 30 (subject to change) and possibly a move to half craft which is still being discussed among the group of admins. Today at 6pm pst we will be going live and would like to see returning players and fresh new faces. We pride ourselves on bringing a true rust experience and play the game as the developers wish it to be played. Thank you and hope to see you inside the server tonight at 6PM PST on 3/7/14!

Connecting is as easy as hitting F1 when opening rust and typing: net.connect

See you all TONIGHT @ 6pm!

Highly recommend this server, great group of admins, me and my group have all waited for a while to play! Bump bump bump!

This server is very good. Responsive admins and good community, 10/10.