Multiplay [USWEST] Noob Friendly -ActiveAdmins-sleepers-HalfCraft-DoorshareSoon!-

Bound Gaming presents their own Rust Server!!!
Bound Gaming will give you the best gaming experience we possibly can with active admins and and friendly advice. This server will be on constantly running and I will keep trying to make it better. I will always be accepting advice on how to make the server even better and take all advice into consideration. I will not abuse my admin rights such as items spawning and teleporting around. I will only TP in hopes of catching potential hackers. i want to provide a hacker free enviroment for players and hope to see you on soon :smiley: we also have a 100 slot mumble server as well for even more VoIP. Mod Support will be up shortly the update for the server will be around tomorrow morning (1.17.2014). This Server is fairly new and would love to see it populated. I am on almost everyday, you can find me on steam [BOUND] ClumsyPenguin. Like i said earlier I would appreciate feedback and advice on how to make my server better and constantly evolving.

Location: USWEST
Sleepers: Yes
Airdrop-min-players: 10 (will increase as more people join)
mini-games: (None currently but will be implementing them in the future for rewards)
Admin-Usernames: ClumsyPenguin, Hate
Donations: Yes
Voice: Yes we have a 100 slot Mumble Server
Beginner Friendly: Yes ( i will always be available for advice and questions)
About: Main focus is to give you the best gaming experience, prevent hackers, and create a fair, fun environment to play