Multiplay -- West Coast OXIDE [PVP][NO SLEEP][Newbie Friendly]

New West Coast NO SLEEPER server. Running Oxide for the ease of admin. Type /help in chat for details and commands.

ACTIVE ADMINISTRATORS! Not 24/7, but throughout the day and a good portion of the weekends.

Just started yesterday so stake your claim exactly where you want!

As of right now, our admin staff will be myself and Blacklite. The admins WILL be playing as normal players (no item creation, etc.) and there will be zero admin abuse. (We even started from the ground up when the server went live.) We suffered through poor admins and poorly run official servers that we know how much it sucks and we want people to have an enjoyable server to call home.

There will be no foreseeable wipes, but this will be determined later if the server takes off. Things such as wipes will be determined based on polling on the forum and what I deem to be popular opinion from in-game chat. I definitely do not want to do it at a pace higher than required, so please feel to provide any input on our forum! Please use /ticket to report any hacking or exploiting and the admins will make a determination.

The server is West Coast based so you should be able to sort by PING and find it, otherwise hit F1 to bring up your console and enter the following:
(Note, the server will display on the **Modded **list because Oxide is running.)


Server Features:

1.PVP = On
2.Sleepers = OFF!
3.Craft time = 100% (really, what’s 30 seconds?)
4.Airdrops = 10 players.

Explosives cannot be researched (or crafted), but if you find it you can craft C4. (This may be reviewed if C4 becomes too prolific.)

Chat Commands:

/help - Show commands
/adminhelp Message - Messages all online admins for immediate assistance
/pm “Player name” Message - Personal Message an online player
/re Message - Reply to the most recent message
/ticket “Message” - Create a ticket to the admins (this will allow us to access tickets if we’re not online when one is created)
/thelp - Brings up help information for the ticket system
/ping - Check your connection speed to the server

i found this server on the forum and joined it for a while.
the admins are very helpful and even helped me gather resources for my shelter. one even made me a metal door. (i think it was blacklite)

Thanks RS! We try to help out however we can… either answering questions or helping gather materials or even helping craft stuff.

Okay guys. Come join us on the server! Our player base is growing daily. Help give us a reason to keep it going! No more zombies so we need people!