Multiplay : WIPED 3/20 @ Midnight, Airdrops, Admins,C4,1/2 Crafting

We’re opening a brand new server today on 3/19. We are looking to build a competitive and friendly base community and will be working constantly to get the server population up until we are one of the top servers. Join us now while it’s early and if you stick with us you will see our community grows quickly. There will be an admin on almost 24/7 with ZERO hacking tolerance. We have many methods of catching hackers and we will do our best to minimize the hacking problem here on our server.

Server Name: Multiplay US Central, New Server 3/19, AD, 24/7 Active Admins, Sleepers, PVP

Features: 100 slots, Vanilla/Community server, wiped 3/19, manually released airdrops once population is over 30, fair and active adult admins, promote clean and competitive pvp, discourage griefing.

To Connect: Press F1 to open your server console and copy/paste: net.connect

For any problems with hackers/griefing/misplaced walls please contact HeadShotZ or HandsOffMyNuts in game.