I honestly never understood what Multiplay was. I’ve seen multiplay servers and wondered the difference. Is it some kind of mystical change?

I’m not sure what you’re asking… Multiplay is a server host, just like gameservers or HFB or FPSplayers.

Ohhh you probably just noticed the servers that have the Multiplay tag on them. Multiplay forces you to use their name in your server title unless you pay more to remove it.

Sorry didn’t mean to click disagree a wanted to click agree!

It’s called branded and un-branded servers, you pay 3$ more to remove the multiplay mark.

Multiplay servers are actually good; I used one to host for awhile. Worked great, no log or anything; my bank put a block on my card for fraud protection because it’s based in the UK. I had to call and confirm the purchase. xD