Multiplayer cars?

Hey dudes, the car packs work with me on single player, why not on multiplayer? i own multiple servers and i would appreciate it if i could find out how to set up a racing server.

peace out home puppies.

racing sever that sounds fun ok first thing is what kind of cars r u using? Gmow and the new evo cars not sure what they r called those if u own a sever u have to take them file for file and put it in addons or gmod if u just copy the folder it will not work and most people will fight about this but it is a glitch i had it

thats great and all but how do i make it show up in the vehicles directory while in multiplayer?

um i am not sure but i have a friend that may help not sure

Uninstall it and reinstall this version on server and client.
If u want sickness he has a svn version do the same with that. but dont install gmow and all that other crap the vehicle pack has those vehicles.


If u need anymore or want me to make a link to download it from my guupload then tell me i can put the files on there. and post the download links here.

lol i came in thinking you were talking about making a car with 2 or more seats. it yould be awesome to e-weld 10 jeep seats to a jeep, slap some thursters and getting a whole server into the car.

dude that is awesome but im kinda iffy about large file sizes, because people get pissed when they gotta download a bazillion files to join a server with just one guy on it so far. but what the hell ill give i a shot.

Tell thim to install that one

ah ok

So how it working for you?

holy crap this is awesome i recomend this to everybody!


download this now it really works


join my server, my ip is… waaaaaaiit. people can do bad things to me if they know my ip. nevermind