Multiplayer Custom Player Models for GMod 13

I would like to be able to use my custom player models in multiplayer servers. I would also like to see other players’ and if I don’t have theirs to have it replaced with a default model or to have the option to download. Perhaps seperate servers as pure and impure for this feature. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t, at all. And it’ll NEVER be implemented.

It’s not like you’re gonna see it often except for the times you’re dead, looking on a mirror or a camera, that’s all.

You’ll be able to see it if multiplayer third-person camera gets featured. Two very simple requests. If server mods are worried about “cheating” then code it as a toggled feature. Btw, that “never” attitude isn’t going to help evolve the game- which it needs to stop it from getting stale.

I guess it could work if he did something like Obsidian Conflict, I’m pretty sure that lets you use custom playermodels and other people that have them can see them too.

Lemme explain why it won’t work.

Empty Server
Player 1 enters server with custom skin.
Player 2 enters server, has to download Player 1’s Skin.
Player 1 has not got the exact same skin as Player 2.
Player 2’s choice is made redundant.

Now imagine that on those 64 player RP servers.

What he’s asking for is completely different than what you just said.
If you do have a custom playermodel, you can use it, if other don’t they’ll see Dr. Kleiner.
If another player joins with a custom playermodel that you already have, you can see it. If you don’t have it, you have the option to download.

I’d say go with the way Obsidian Conflict handles playermodels.

What if people decide to run around with their own playermodels, completely homebrew? Nobody will have it and they will look like complete idiots.

“Oh no, they’re going to look like Kleiner! they must be teh n00bs!”
So what, I see plenty of people play as the Kleiner model, it’s not hurting anyone. Why does it matter so much to you?

fuck this flame war.
For bad luck, even that i wish it wasn’t real, but you can’t make custom models seeable from other players. It’s from the Engine &/or the client.

*Person 1 spends lots of time making beautiful skin.
*Person 2 can’t see it, asks person to look at own beautiful skin.
*Person 1 can’t see it.
*Persons Rage.

I’m not saying Kleiner is bad, I just think that people will start to despise Kleiner cause it would mean a failed time and effort to create a custom playermodel.

Instead of not downloading it, let the client download the model via P2P, while downloading the model of the player is replaced by a transparent skin and gets replaced to the real model when downloading is finished.
Also, the user should get the option of saving the models or just temporary saving or if possible streaming them.
No server load since Peer to Peer

*Player 1 joins Server
*Player 2 joins Server
*Both players download/stream their models
*While not finished players see transparent models/Dr.Kleiner
*Both see the correct models

I’m not sure if this is possible with the Source Engine, but I’m sure that i saw this in some HL2 Mod

Gromitooth: You think people will “rage” because they can’t see skins? What do you base this foresight on?

Anti-Ultimate: P2P is an interesting solution for streaming the content. Any solution is a good idea as long as it gives the user the ability to turn it on/off as they wish.

Butilka4: This post was not made for a flame war. If one or more posts made it seem that way then please ignore them. Yes, currently the engine doesn’t allow custom multiplayer models- the purpose of this thread is to change that.

Garrysmod needs to go in the direction of second life.

SilverKnight… NO… just NO!
you are asking for stupidity at that statement…
No what needs to happen is this, Garry needs a Custom Player Model repository in which you can upload custom player models, as the player model is inconciquencial on the server except for Code that it’s a custom model. Custom Player Models are downloaded from the repository, *Kind of like a seperate Workshop but I suggest instead of Workshop. he does that separately, web interface or something for each steam logon to select a number of models for you to pick from. this will in turn shorten the list of player models you choose from and remove a lot of confusion. On top of that. if a player joins with a new custom player model. how much detail could possibly be in a new player model? at most it would be a 5-10 minute download at which point for each client when the download is complete. the model changes. half of which can be done in Lua, the rest needing to be implemented into the game engine with regards to the downloading and what not.

If this does happen, just make sure it isn’t like Battlefield F2P. I hated how it froze the client completely for about 5 seconds to load someone’s hat.

If this was to happen I would like an option to toggle. I don’t want to download models when I’m going to look at someone once, especially if it’s a furry or brony model.