Multiplayer elevator

is it possible to create an elevator that are only able to move once all players are inside?
for example like the l4d2 elevator where you have to wait for your teammate to get inside before being able to press the elevator button

I’m sure there’s a better solution but you could Create brushes with the trigger texture that cover your whole map BUT the elevator. (Doesn’t matter of they are going in the void just make sure their origin is inside your map)
Tie them ALL (so all brushes to one entity) to a trigger_multiplayer and have its outputs be:


Assuming you are using a button to start the elevator but of course you could enable a trigger or a relay … :slight_smile:

You can use a game_zone_player to get how many players are inside the elevator and outside the elevator and do some logic/math to allow the elevator to work when everyone is inside the game_zone_player.