Multiplayer FAILS

When I click on multiplayer and join a server, the loading screen will come up, load all the way to ‘Sending Client Info(?)’, then it times my connection out. Any idea why? And how do I stop it happening?

Umm… its probably the server needs updating or have too many addons, that’s all i can say

I’ve tried it on loads of different servers and gamemodes, it still does it.

Do you have an image?

Image of what?

Of the error.

It’s just a standard steam warning box that says ‘Player disconnected (connection time out)’

THIS PROBLEM IS DOING MY HEAD IN. I’ve figured out that I’ll never be able to use gmod online, which sucks.

I know how you feel m8, I got that problem 2. If u need console file or addons folder or anything else just shout!

Could you by any chance be the record breakers in the “how big is your add-ons folder” thread. In case you didn’t understand me. How many add-ons do you have?

lots, but garrysmod runs fine, it’s just multiplayer that fails (hence the thread title)

How about you still tell us how many addons you have and give a list of them. Even though your single player can load them it doesn’t mean a server can handle the network load of your addons.

You aren’t missing anything. Trust me.

Run a SpeedTest and post results here. It could be your connection is horrible.

It’s probably my connection, as my internet has been EPIC FAILING all week.

What other games can you join online?

Counter Strike Source, Alien Swarm, DoD

Try doing the gud old cleaning on gmod. Rename the garrysmod folder (inside your main gmod folder!) to something like garrysmodold. When ya start the game it will make a new one. Try to join a server. If it doesn’t work you could aways “reverse-clean” it by renaming the new folder to something and renaming the old folder back to garrysmod.