Multiplayer FPS Issue

I have my fps_max set to 60 and that’s what I get in single player and menu.

My specs aren’t very good and I can’t afford an upgrade but they meet the requirements.

AMD E2-7110 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics 1.80 ghz

4 gb ram

In multiplayer I drop down to average 5 fps which gives me a huge disadvantage!

I’ve deleted all addons (including server), defragged drives, done a virus check, used an fps booster, lowered graphics, right now if I’m around a couple people I will get around 30 fps (which to me is great). But as soon as I get around the majority of people it just bottoms out at least lower than ten FPS.

If anyone can help me it would be very appreciated!!

GMod is very CPU heavy - especially on populated servers with tons of props and mounted addons, and general load for your CPU to bear. Which type of RAM do you have? DDR2, 3, 4?

Your system and its processes can easily use 2GB as your computer is on, meaning that there is only 2GB or less left for GMod.

CPU’s use RAM, if it has such low amounts, it can not perform to standards.

I hate to be saying this as I’ve been in your situation before, but: Try getting an upgrade. If you want to play at a populated server with much less issues, get more RAM (8GB or so, preferably DDR3/4) and a good processor.

I have an NVidia GTX 1050, Intel i5-7300HQ, and 8GB DDR4 yet I do not get a stable 60FPS in some servers. GMod is not that forgiving in multiplayer if your specs are not ready for what the game throws at you. It may not seem obvious at all, but GMod isn’t the easiest to run on low-end computers.

Don’t trust the “Minimum specifications” and “Recommended specifications” on Steam, it’s all very individualistic - part manufacturer, GPU and CPU combinations, RAM, even your hard drive has an effect.

I hope this helps at all. I wish you can get some upgrades soon. Gaming and problems go hand to hand but nobody wants their experience ruined.