Multiplayer Issue with Host Crashing

Hi, i’ve got an issue with Gmod.

When i create a game, it will load and plays fine; but when someone joins i get the hl2.exe has stopped working.

I can’t workout why??

My specs are:

RAM: 4gb DDR3
Processor: Intel Centrino 2 Dual Core @ 2.1ghz
GFX: Nvidia 9600 GT 1GB

It was fine until i added a lot of mods, but there is too many; and im sure theres a quicker way to which ones causing the problem, than deleting and then putting it back on. Until it works.

I’ll be very greatful for your help…

Too many addons. ‘Luastring table overflow’.

Thank you, for the help.

But the amount of mods isn’t the issue, one of them is causing to crash.
Used to work fine, but then it just stopped.