Multiplayer Issue.

If anyone can find out what is causing this O_O, I’ll love you.
Okay, so here I am trying to make a multiplayer server in-game and I have
my ports open on my router, they are accepted threw my firewall, and I’ve tried
just turning the thing off and it still won’t work, and I this is something I’ve done
before so I know what to do. But the thing is when I start it up, not 1 person
can see the server and or connect to it. And yes I do give them the right IP and
port. I also tried to start one up earlier today and it worked just fine without any addons.
After I got them people can’t seem to connect to my server. All I have is Wiremod, PHX 3, smartsnap,
and a couple other small ones. So can someone, for the love of god, help me figure this out.
And yes, I have legit.