Multiplayer limitations - how to avoid?!

Hey guys, basically i’m just gunna cut straight to the cheese :wink:

I’ve had Gmod for quite some time now, usually mess about in singleplayer and ocasionnaly join multiplayer servers and make crap, but my friend recently got this game and he wants to go in a server with just me so we can make rubbish and have a fun time, so i decided just to make a multiplayer server on my own to make sure it was all fine for the next morning were we’d begin, and the problem is, we are going to be making all sorts of stuff, and so, when i try and put a wheel on a car, spawn an npc, or basically ANYTHING, there is a “…limit” !? I can’t spawn a single thruster, so how am i suppose to do anything with my friend? please help :expressionless: I’m such a noob

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anyone? :S

go into console using ~
afterwards, type “sbox_” into the command line without the quotes, and itll have a list of commands that allow you to increase the limits on whatever you need.

EX: sbox_maxnpcs 9001

When you’re creating a server, there’s options for this, did you even look?

With the ToyBox map addition I don’t believe you can do this anymore.

You can. Just click the wrench icon on the right.