multiplayer messed up - repost

i reposted this because within 5 minutes it dissapeared from the front page.
anyway, when i try to search for a server it doesent find anything,
also when i join a server when it automatically retrieves the default build servers and i try joining one it says: you cannot join because you are running an older version of the game, yes ive updated gmod and tried to reinstall it.
anyone else getting this?

steam community profile
I’m proven wrong, it says the server im trying to run is running an older version of the game, this doesent explain the search problem though

Please post a correct link of your steam profile. the one beneath your avatar is broken. I think you pirated it since I don’t have this prob.

i never pirated, im a genuine customer thank you very much,

theres your link - you’ll find garry’s mod there.

I’m sorry for accusing you. I thought that because of outdated Gmod’s most of the time are pirated gmods because they can’t be updated. can you still play SP?

yes, singleplayer works perfect, i don’t know what the hell is going on.

Dude just wait out the Frozen screen, Mine does this a lot and mostly means that your CPU is taxed out pretty full.

no. it says i own an older version of the game, it’s not pirated btw.

Your game is fine. || The Server(s) you are connecting to are Out-Dated.

Also, Dont Double Post.