Multiplayer NPC ragdolls dont stay. PLZ HELP!

Sonny here Well whenever i start a multiplayer garry’s mod server with hamachi and friends join (Aka multiplayer) i noticed a problem…Even though under the NPC tab “Keep ragdolls” checked when you kill an NPC i cant pick them up with the phys gun and they become bassicly invsible with the world shooting them doesnt leave any marks nothing. I’m wanting this to happen because i have goremod in multiplayer and it works just i cant use the dead NPC’s to slam down and have the gore, And some other reasons. Ragdolls under the ragdoll whatever tab next to props well those don’t work for goremod. Any help would be helpful


P.S. Another glitch is when a player dies his or her body multiply’s by 20 and they start floating with 0 gravity (the dead bodies) Don’t know what’s up with that at all :rolleyes:

UPTADE: Wow now even in SINGLEPLAYER if i pick a body up they VANISH into thin air! what the hell is going on with garry’s mod???

  1. The server admin needs to enable keep ragdolls.

  2. IDK why that happens.

  3. If you just play multiplayer first instead of singleplayer first, that will happen.

no no no you don’t understand…I am the server admin i create the server using hamachi and i have friends join i even do the keep ragdoll thourgh console and now its doing the same in singleplayer…