Multiplayer Periodical Lags


since I began to play Gmod again after a long time I have periodical lags on every server. The lags appear almost every minute and last for 3-5sec.

The red message appears: “Warning: Connection Problems. Auto-Disconnect in… sec.”

I already reinstalled gmod and deleted all addons, i deactivated my Windows Designs and tried to play in DirectX8 and 9… but nothing worked for me…

Earlier I did not have that problem…

btw my internet is fine , have 100mbit/s

what can i do to fix that? i need help pls


So you get network lag, and the first thing you try to do is to lower your graphics?

Anyway, get better Internet and/or stop torrenting while playing. This includes everyone on your network.

It could also be a problem with the server.

My post:

And your answer is “get better” Internet"? Do you even know what 100mbit/s mean?

Who said something about torrenting? Are you just trying to get on my nerves or do you have some useful suggestions ?


Please read the post before you give any useless answers…

If it’s on every server, it means it’s a problem with your computer setup. I would suggest that it’s your addons, but you said the problem persists when you deactivate them. The only thing left is an outside program or your internet connection (It doesn’t matter how fast it is if loads of people are using it or you have malware). My suggestion is you run an upload speed test (websites for this are easy to find through google), and post the results here. While waiting for a reply, get an antivirus (that works, not Avast AV), and check if you have malware.

On a side note, getting pissed at someone who is trying to help, who has a lot of experience (notice the green name? He didn’t become mod by giving shit help), is not the best way to go.

Here the download/upload test:
(perfect connection)

I have Kaspersky Internet Security 1 Year License (original) and my computer is completely clean.

edit: And not forgetting: I’m the only one who uses this network/internet. (via Cable)

I’m sorry, but in my opinion his first question is nothing but provocative. And his accusation that I might be torrenting while playing is just ridiculous. I’m wondering how someone like that can become a moderator…

Connection problems are internet related, you might have 100mbit/s but clearly something on your end is messed up

He’s trying to help you by eliminating possible causes. Torrenting these days are common and they take up a lot. It’s expected to ask are you torrenting in the background?

Yes, I get it, but it’s not about what he says, it’s about how he say it.

But whatever, I do not torrent or download in the backround (nothing that slows down my internet).
Even Chrome is closed (so no video buffering etc.).

-Any other game works perfectly without any lags (for example CSGO).
-Downloads are working at a constant speed.

There was a time I was able to play Gmod without lags (same Internet, same router, same computer etc.), so I guess there has to be an update of Gmod which messed everything up…

Try adding gmod (hl2.exe) to your firewall’s and antivirus’s whitelist. If that doesnt fix it start uninstalling shit and find out, we don’t know.