Multiplayer problem >> low FPS

Hi, a month ago was Garry’s mod alright >> 60 FPS in singleplayer and multiplayer. But when i want to play multiplayer (singleplayer works fine) today, i have 15-25 FPS with lags (but ping is 30-60) and it doesn’t matter how many players or props are there. I try to uninstall Steam and Garry’s mod, but nothing helps. Mods and background applications are same like month ago.

My computer:
OS: Windows 7 Pro x64
Intel E7200@3,6GHz
4GB 800@1000MHz Ram
Nvidia 9800GTX+ (195.62 WHQL)

Sorry for my English.

Are you hosting?

I dont have server, that multiplayer problem happens when i join to someone’s server.

I found a source of problem >> When is hl2.exe set to core0 and core1 or only to core0 its laggy, when i set it to core1 its OK. I try to reinstall Windows.

I try to delete Steam and then reinstall Windows 7 >> nothing happened.
Anyone had a same problem?

Couple of tips: Latest drivers? Defragment? Settings?

Reinstall Windows 7, install newest drivers, try defragment with Windows defrag and O&O defrag, try setting from low to high. Nothing happened.

Edit: I think i had this problem from latest gmod update.

Hmm, it seems so. If nothing of those helps. Send e-mail to Garry.

E-mail send.