Multiplayer saving.

Hi all.
I’m new at the beginning and check that I come from Polish so sorry for my bad english and sorry if I wrote about it in the wrong section.
I have this request to someone who knows how to create addons. if someone could create something that can save map when I play multiplayer and I’m an admin server. I play with a friend on lan in stranded gamemode and I do not know how to save what we have built.

Can’t you just use advanced duplicator to save your contraptions? Head over to, advanced duplicator is part of wiremod - just check out “ Duplicator” to a folder in your addons folder IIRC

but i can’y use adv dupe on stranded. what I do, I can use it?

Sorry. Only possible way right now is to make the props world props or so.

Also, you should really ask somebody if they can help you set up an rcon to let you use the duplicator (like an admin-only feature).

ok thx