Multiplayer Server Not Working.

I try opening a multiplayer server so me and some friends can play, but whenever I start the game, I get to “Loading Resources” for about 9-10 minutes and then it sends me back to the main menu. Can anyone help me solve this? Any help is appreciated.

(No help sorry)
It sometimes happens to me in TF2 and here. Too strange

just happend to me =( did you fuck with the script?

i had it happen to me when i would start GMStranded, but i did a fresh install of gmod it works fine now, except the game crashes when people join my server. =[

i reintalled gmod notin happen and it wouldnt even star single now i restarted computer thinking that the new ulx mod i downloaded be needin pc restart if gmod dunt work ima goin to teh steam

Hm. Strange. I didn’t mess with any of the scrpits, or anything like that. I’m not using any gamemodes, just a local network game using Sandbox settings. It’s possible that it might just be something I installed, but I doubt it, considering there are other people like me having the same exact issue using the same settings. I don’t want to clean out my GMod foler, since I don’t want to lose everything I’ve been working on in m SDK projects. I’m stumped. Lol