Multiplayer: sound stops completely after 20 minutes of gameplay

Finally switched to Windows 10 to help Garry’s Mod from crashing… well it doesn’t crash on any server no more, but after 20 minutes of gameplay the audio completely stops working including the menu sounds and even when i back out of the server. It only starts working again when i quit and reopen Garry’s Mod only to join a server to have the audio stop working in 20 minutes again.
Here’s the solutions I’ve tried
Verifying integrity of cache
Reinstalling 3 times
Changing the audio to stereo 7 ot whatever
Deleting the sounds manifesto file or something
Launch options +mat_dxlevel 95

What should i try now?

Are you on the Dev beta branch of Garry’s Mod by chance?

No I’m not. I also tried that though to see if it worked but it didn’t


Still doing it

Still doing it. Bump