Multiplayer tab bugged

Hey guys.

My multiplayer tab is pretty much bugged… i tried to change resolution… still couldn’t fix it.

here is two screenshots of the menu :

Ignore it, Garry is still fiddling with how to implement the tab and it’s pretty pointless in general anyway. Only thing you can’t do is change your spray, but that’s not very vital.

Just wait for Garry to fix it.

I HAVE FOUND THE FIX FOR THIS WOOHOO PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO OTHERS theres like 6 posts about this issue i have fixed it !!!

just download TF2 lol IM SERIOUS

i downloaded tf2 lastnight and in its OPTIONS is a MULTIPLAYER tab so i clicked it the similar spray thing and advanced and the cros hairs thing is in it… so i said to my self… self… go look in gmod… so i opened gmod and OMG IT WAS FIXED WOOHOO !!! i dont know how to find the others with this same problem but if someone could pass it on that would be cool :slight_smile: PEACE merry christmas and happy new year :slight_smile: