Multiplayer voice lag

For a while now in multiplayer Garrysmod voicechat seems to be extremely laggy, it seems to skip most of the voice and i only hear short bursts of voice. I thought at first it was just that my internet at the time was slow/i had high ping but later on when my ping was around 35 it continued to happen. I cleaned my Garrysmod folder but that didn’t help, so i don’t think it’s any addons and it seems to only happen in Garrysmod (I hear voice perfectly fine in TF2 and on my Mumble server).

If anyone knows how to fix this/why it happens, I’d appreciate the help.

Ya, this will happen. Happens to me on Steam chat, I am super laggy. Valve does not make a very good voice chat thingy and sometimes in certain games you can be unlucky and get a bad one. Try another mic, or it is just Valve not making a good voice chat system.