Multiplayer YouTube Server - GMODCinema

This server has a gamemode similar to ‘gmodtheater’, please help test it and give constructive criticism.

Basic Description
You can go into cinema rooms and ‘request’ videos to play

Custom-made youtube player (uses youtube javascript api)
Can buy custom models and items(drinks+food) with credits
Ability to voteskip videos
Well optimized (I focused on getting it smooth and working at high fps)

This server has fastdownload


If you would like a copy of the gamemode, pm me for the price

A look a creative gamemode! (kinda)

Well atleast it’s not some generic darkDm server, maybe give us some more info whats different from GmodTheater and that kind of stuff.

This is a really nice server, very smooth and nice gamemode.

I’m gonna join to give it a try

Definitely going to give this a try. I’ve always loved theater/cinema servers.

This seems fun, I’ll join you :v: