Multiple displays

When starting the game with multiple displays you get the option to pick which display. Yet when i pick right, the game boots half and half.

Does this for me as well when I pick monitor #2 (For some reason #2 is my main monitor)

Also not sure if it’s just a Windows 10 thing, but whenever I minimize to desktop via ‘Show Desktop’ or other, Rust gets pushed back onto my second monitor while minimized and I have to bring it back up and drag it over.

Yea monitor 2 is also my main.

What OS/resolution are you on? 1920x1080/W10 here

I’ll add that monitor 1 is my main display and when I choose to display on monitor 1 (1920x1080, windowed mode on Windows 8.1) at Rust launcher, the window boots between my 2 monitors as well.

Happening on windows 7 and 10

I am on Windows 10 with 4 displays, I am not having this issue.

Are you running in windowed or full screen? Might be a windowed problem only.

I have the same problem. and also my cursor doest stay auto centered some of the time when lag occurs resulting in my cursur creeping on the my other screen. Apart from using a cursor lock software is their any solution?

I am running in full screen, let me try windowed.

Yeah Windowed runs good also - strange!

W7 windowed 2 monitors same issue. I think this setting is for fullscreen only.

I recently upgraded to 3 monitors and now the game launches in the middle of all of them, with a third on each.

I never get this, unless it’s fixed then cursor lock software or fullscreen might be your only options.

Also I can just grab the window and snap it to the monitor I want.

I play rust with a 3 monitor set up aswell, I am also using windows 10 and I have not had any problems. Are you using amd or nvidia? I am using amd. The only slight problem I have is when ALT tabbing I have to press escape to trapp the mouse pointer on the centre monitor.

Nvidia gtx770. main monitor(no 2) is on dvi and second monitor (no 1) is on hdmi.

I used to have this issue as well. I fixed it by running Rust in a borderless window mode. You have to add “-nopopup” as a command line argument to Rust in your Steam shortcut properties. Once done, it will open on whatever monitor you specify in the launcher rather than spanning multiple windows.