Multiple factions of carebears battle it out in a wooden barn.


Amazing work of art.

Nice gun models.
Is that a barrel of strong moonshine near the door?

idk but if you shoot it it blows up

ryanosauris party models? it came out?

Just DL the mod, and take the models out.

That’s a lot of artistics.

What mod.Tell me.

how the hell

this one:

I will make an addon pack for this.

how the fuck do i have 83 artistics

cos you’re good !!



106 artistics.

What the fuck?

What the fuck is going on here? 112 artistics?

Because the picture is :iia:


124 Artistics.

Here Ya go.Models and everything.(Doesent have a spawnlist you fat lazy rug)

149 Artistics! What has happened here? Theres clipping issues everywhere and the posing is bad in some places.

have you ever played the mod