Multiple flexes in one slider


I recently got the idea to combine some of my flexes into one flex. One example would be to have a slider that goes from -1 to 1 that lowers eyebrows when -1 and raises eyebrows when 1.

So, this is what I got right now:

flexfile "facemodifiers.vta" {
    flex "Neck_Thickness" frame 1
    flex "Neck_Thickness_plus" frame 1
    flex "Neck_Thickness_minus" frame 2


flexcontroller phoneme Neck_Thickness "range" -1.000 1.000

%Neck_Thickness_plus = Neck_Thickness_plus
%Neck_Thickness_minus = Neck_Thickness_minus
%Neck_Thickness = Neck_Thickness_plus - (1 - Neck_Thickness_minus)

But when I compile, I get this error:

ERROR: c:\users\adam\desktop\asari project\asari_flexes_01.qci(215): - Rule for unknown flex Neck_Thickness_plus

Anyone else ever had this problem?

It’s doing that because the rules (The lines starting with %) always refer to one of the flexcontrollers; “Neck_Thickness_plus” and “Neck_Thickness_minus” don’t actually exist, so studiomdl is spitting that error at you.

So there’s literally no way you can do this?


Man, the Source Engine can be so primitive at times.